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Library Collection

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The BITS Pilani, Pilani Campus library boasts an exceptional fusion of print and electronic resources, encompassing books, journals, databases, technical reports, and standards. Renowned as one of the region's premier collections, it stands out, especially in the domains of engineering, science, management, pharmacy, and social sciences and humanities. This extensive collection, curated over decades, includes rare reference books and important journals dating back to the 1920s. With a total print and e-book collection exceeding 4.50 Lakhs+ volumes, it stands as a testament to the library's wealth of knowledge.

Print Collection

The Library has a total collection over 1.82 Lakhs+ volumes print books. The print collection also includes general books, reference and 1538+ rare books, 15000+ textbooks, and 1700+ theses & dissertations, 40000+ Bound Volumes. Books are organized and available for users on open access shelves in various collections.

Rare books Collection

Library has state of the art Shri.G.D Birla rare books section has a remarkable stock of scholarly rare books, manuscripts, paintings and photographs which are timeless and invaluable. Many of these rare books are published almost about 150 and 200 years ago. The library staff has been trained to preserve rare books. by using German Tissue paper. So far more than 150 valuable and scholarly rare books have been preserved using this technique and the work is in progress.

Birla Heritage Gallery (BHG)

BHG is a modern, state of the art gallery which will showcase the historical, cultural, educational and rich legacy established by this great institute and how it has evolved from Patashala to the current status of Institute of Eminence (IoE) in the country. It has a display of framed photographs and many other important documents and literature in a chronological order. It also havea separate digital display of audio-visual content which can be retrieved through a search engine developed by the BITS Pilani library team and students.

Light Reading Collection

The library boasts a robust collection, with a particular emphasis on technical subjects, complemented by an impressive array of light reading materials covering everything from leisure, sports, fiction, self-development, and biography genres, all available for borrowing.

Books for Competitive Examination

The library boasts a robust collection of books tailored for competitive examinations, including but not limited to Civil Services, GATE, GMAT, and CAT, catering to the diverse needs of aspiring candidates.

E-Resource collection

The library houses a comprehensive collection of bibliographic, full-text, and statistical databases, alongside a vast array of e-journals and e-books. Boasting over 12.59 lakh+ e-book titles, 26,500+ e-journals, and 10+ databases, it also provides access to 35,000+ conference proceedings and 4000+ standards. Additionally, it boasts an impressive collection of 1,700+ awarded theses.

Books for Young Learner's

The BITS Pilani library is dedicated to nurturing a lifelong love of reading in the next generation, and its brand new Children's Books Section is a testament to that commitment. Located in Hall No.4 on the Ground Floor, this vibrant space offers a treasure trove of over 1600 books+, all carefully chosen for young minds between 5 and 15. Children can easily borrow and explore these books using their parent's library membership, opening doors to countless adventures and igniting a passion for reading.

BITSians collection

Bridging the gap between generations, the library presents a unique section featuring books penned by BITSian alumni. This curated collection not only fosters a love of reading but also provides young minds with invaluable insights and inspiration from the BITSian legacy.

HBR Collection

The library boasts a carefully chosen collection of Harvard Business Review's esteemed publications, meticulously crafted to empower the minds of BITSians with essential leadership and entrepreneurial skills needed to navigate the complexities of the contemporary business world. This section has been established with the generous contribution from Mr. Dhiren Sheth, a distinguished BITS Alumni from the Pilani campus, graduating in the 1972 batch.

BITS Faculty Collection

The library houses a vibrant tapestry of intellectual treasures authored and published by BITS Pilani's distinguished faculty. From groundbreaking engineering treatises to thought-provoking philosophical explorations, this section empowers students and researchers to delve into the minds of our brightest minds.

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