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CMIE Economic Outlook

Economic Outlook offers a comprehensive view of the past, present, and future of the Indian Economy and its sectors. It provide times series data from 1950 onwards, analysis & news, projections (5 years & 8 quarters) and archive of 78000 source documents in macro-economic, socio-economic, business/corporate and sectoral areas, such as National Accounts, Inflation, Money and Banking, Public Finance, External Sector, Foreign Trade, Agriculture, Energy, Infrastructure, Industry, Investments, Corporate Sector, Capital Market, Consumer Sentiments, Employment and Wages, Population, Demography and Households, Tourism, Education, Health, Crime and Election, etc. Economic Outlook includes some unique data sets generated using CMIE's proprietary datasets on the corporate sector, capital markets, investments, employment and consumer sentiments. These unique & exclusive series do the job of filling in the gaps in the official statistical system and therefore are a great supplement to the official data. Economic Outlook also trains students to view the current data critically and examine their implication just like business professionals in banks, investment firm or anywhere else in a corporate world and engage into meaningful conversation. Economic Outlook prepares users well to strike and hold conversations around the sectors and Indian economy. Faculties will find it very useful in giving assignments and sharing live example using Economic Outlook, whereas researchers will get help in writing their research papers, using long time series data available on Indian Economy and sectors.

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